Welcome to “The System”

“You tricked me.” “No. I didn’t trick you. Problem is, you still don’t get it. The system’s greater than both you and me. It makes us save banks from going bust just so they don’t repossess our homes. The system prescribes us antidepressant so […]

Social mercylessness

Strikingly, it is among the young in particular, among those most thoroughly inculcated with the ideology of anti-hate, that social mercilessness reigns supreme. The ‘cold-blooded grasping’ in certain youthful circles – ‘a hunger to take and take and take, but never give’, ‘a massive […]

When ideology meets reality

Helen Joyce, author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, has described it, homosexuality is suspect now, because in acknowledging the reality of same-sex attraction’ it also ‘indirectly (acknowledges] the reality and importance of biological sex as a driver of attraction. And this contradicts the […]


The constant churn of political correctness – or cancel culture or wokeness or intolerance or whatever we’re calling it – represents not just an over-the-top clampdown on speech, but a crisis of Enlightenment. Every enlightened idea – science is real, race is not, women […]

This message does not exist

It can only be discarded I received an intriguing notification in the Microsoft Outlook 365 web interface: This message can’t be saved because it no longer exists. It can only be discarded. Make sure you copy the contents of the message before you discard […]

The dominance game

Prestige and dominance behaviours are ‘underpinned by distinct psychological processes, behaviours and neurochemistry which were selected for distinct evolutionary pressures. We tend to hold ourselves differently when inhabited by each version of us: when in a dominant, second-self mode we take up more space, […]

The world has gone crazy

“All these things that are app based, it’s always, give your card details or give your addressgive your phone number, give your this, they just get data, get data, get data from you.So, you join and you have to set up a profile and […]