Social mercylessness

Strikingly, it is among the young in particular, among those most thoroughly inculcated with the ideology of anti-hate, that social mercilessness reigns supreme. The ‘cold-blooded grasping’ in certain youthful circles – ‘a hunger to take and take and take, but never give’, ‘a massive […]

When ideology meets reality

Helen Joyce, author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, has described it, homosexuality is suspect now, because in acknowledging the reality of same-sex attraction’ it also ‘indirectly (acknowledges] the reality and importance of biological sex as a driver of attraction. And this contradicts the […]


The constant churn of political correctness – or cancel culture or wokeness or intolerance or whatever we’re calling it – represents not just an over-the-top clampdown on speech, but a crisis of Enlightenment. Every enlightened idea – science is real, race is not, women […]

This message does not exist

It can only be discarded I received an intriguing notification in the Microsoft Outlook 365 web interface: This message can’t be saved because it no longer exists. It can only be discarded. Make sure you copy the contents of the message before you discard […]