We live in a world where we collect data about everything. Think of the data we track on our navigation, our customer behavior, our health, and our company/team/individual performance. Unfortunately, this abundance of data led to a growing prevalence of KPI psychosis in technology […]

Not by AI

Not By AI badges are created to encourage more humans to produce original content and help users identify human-generated content. The Ultimate goal is make sure humanity continues to advance. An expert estimates that 90 percent of online content could be generated by AI […]


I wish that we lived in a golden age, where ethical behavior was assumed; where technically competent programmers respected the privacy of others; where we didn’t need locks on our computers. I’m saddened to find talented programmers devoting their time to breaking into computers. […]

The American psyche

In earlier cultural epochs, many people derived their self-worth from their relationship with God, or from their ability to be a winner in the commercial marketplace. But in a therapeutic culture people’s sense of self-worth depends on their subjective feelings about themselves. Do I […]

Who we need to be

This era of heightened individualism, of financial crisis, of rising inequality, of personal debt, of small state, of deregulation, of austerity, of gig economy, of zero-hours contracts, of perfection-demanding gender ideals, of declining wages, of unrealistic body-image goals, of social media with its perfectionist […]

Companies are lost

Companies aren’t failing because they can’t execute. They’re failing because nobody agrees on what should be executed. They’re rudderless. Chaotic. Floundering. They’re full of overly-ambitious and politically-savvy leaders who have their own agendas, which means the company is not unified. I do think this […]