Voters thoughts in 2016

So what, roughly, was the story of the world that many of those 2016 voters told themselves?
 They had a powerful sense that things weren’t as good as they had been in their parents’ day, despite the fact they worked hard and paid their […]


Travel is a fantastic self-development tool, because it extricates you from the values of your culture and shows you that another society can live with entirely different values and still function and not hate themselves. This exposure to different cultural values and metrics then […]

Old people

You’re at a grocery store, and you watch an elderly lady scream at the cashier, berating him for not accepting her thirty-cent coupon. Why? That lady probably doesn’t have anything better to do with her days than to sit at home cutting out coupons. […]


This may be the first time in human history that every single demographic group has felt unfairly victimized simultaneously. And they’re all riding the highs of the moral indignation that comes along with it. Right now, anyone who is offended about anything -whether it’s […]